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Housekeeper Jobs In Canada

If you’ve been searching for a housekeeper Job in Canada, you will discover many of them in this article.

Below, you will find, lot of housekeeper jobs in Canada, before applying for one make sure you have the full requirements to get selected for the position.

The below are housekeeper jobs in Canada.

1. Housekeeping – Guest Environment Expert

Would you like to work for Marriott International, Inc as a storekeeper? If yes, take advantage of this opportunity.

The company is currently seeking workers who could work in the company as a storekeeper and be accountable for everything that happens within his/her watch.

Selected Candidate for this position, stands to earn $80,000 yearly, and other benefits that come along with this position.

Marriott hotel has several branches across the world, and one of the core responsibilities of the hotel is to provide customers with maximum relaxation service.

Key Responsibility

There are key responsibilities, for those who are interested in this position, which includes.

• Providing customer’s support

• Keeping records

• Taking account of items in the hotel

• Taking note of the company’s item, and making a report of any lost item, when necessary.

Bear in mind that you will be accountable for any missing item as it’s your key.

2. Attendant, Part-Time ($21.77/Hour)

Would you like to work as an attendant for Delta hotels? Delta hotel presently needs people who could work as an attendant for the company.

Your responsibility is to attend to customers and make sure they are satisfied with whatever they need.

In addition, you have to ensure everywhere is well organised, and nowhere is damaged.

In addition, you are required to follow all company’s policies, and make reports of accidental injuries, furthermore, you should be ready to have a cordial relationship with other staff members.

The below are vital things which you should take note of.

• Delta hotel treats its customers with high esteem, and as a result, you are expected to always treat customers well.

If you are interested in this position, send a letter to

3. Housekeeping Room Attendant

This is another job opportunity for those seeking housekeeper jobs in Canada. There are few things which are required of you to perform as your task for this role, such as, attending to customers, and making sure they are well satisfied.

Before you will be considered for this job, keep in mind that you must have time management skills, and you must be very friendly.


• There are no education or particular knowledge required for this job, nevertheless, you will be trained properly fit into this position

• You must be ready to adhere to every given instruction

• You must dress nice and have nice presentations


• Make report of any unusual activities

• Ensure all materials are well kept and in good condition

• Make sure all guests are safe.

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